Ways to help the center

Future Targets and Plans of the Centre (project under construction procedure):

Objective of the construction of the Project is providing space required for developing of giving services of theSanitarium, such as craniological specialized clinic, round-the-clock pharmacy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, single suites for special patients, some wards for hospitalizing the patients and so on. Infrastructure is about 7,000.00 sq. metres in four floors and regarding to the treatment importance, price of construction has been assessed in the sum of 6 billion Toumans. Objective of inauguration is giving more services to the patients and inauguration of specialized clinics.


Providing the Credit for the Project under Construction Procedure:

Providing the different expenses of the patients, such as individual and environmental hygiene, preparing the medicines and treatment, preparing the clothes, providing suitable spaces in different seasons of the year, providing individual and environmental hygiene.

Methods of Helping to the Centre:

1-    Sponsor or partnership at a part of units and buildings of the Sanitarium (Project under construction procedure).

2-    Allocation of expenses of ceremonies for the 7th day, 40th day or anniversary after death of the relatives to this Centre.

3-    Granting the in cash and non-cash religious pledges such as charitable offerings and sacrificial lambs to the Sanitarium.

4-    Granting the in cash or non-cash aids to the Centre, either through presence at the representation offices or settlement to the Banks account of the Sanitarium.

5-    Granting a part of products or productions of the factory, worksite and so on to the Centre.

6-    Honorary and humanitarian members of this Centre at one of the artistic, athletic, scientific and medicinal fields.

7-    Some beneficent persons with spiritual supporter in their life-long, grant their assets (properties, stocks, Bank deposits, life-insurance, vehicles and so on) to this Institution for their life-long (with the condition of use during their life-long) and in addition to fulfillment of a charity action and providing righteous leftovers for themselves, have effective aid in providing the current expenses of the Institution.

8-    Personally visit of patients in order to spiritual and mental promotion of the Patients.

Address: Rasht Disabled and Elderlies Sanitarium (Charity), Soleimandarab, Entezam Sq., ShahidBeheshti Highway, Rasht.

Tel. No. of the Management: 013-33554995

Fax No. of the Management: 013-33553088

Telephone Office: 33558135-33554648

Zip Code No.: 41467-13643

Rasht Disabled and Elderlies Sanitarium (Charity) Offices:

Office: Mosalal Entrance Door, Mosalla Sq., Rasht.

Tehran Office: Amir Kabir Arcade, Amir Kabir St.       Tel. No.: 021-33929653

Bandaranzali Office: 0181-4240518

Khomam Office: 0132-4221142

Astaneashrafieh Office: 0142-4230431

Rostam Abad Office: 0132-6370541

Account Nos. of the Sanitarium:

Pasargad, Golsar Branch Rasht, 15018102030561

Bank Melli Central Branch Rasht, 0104989275002

Bank Melli, Sarcheshmeh Branch Tehran, 0106963903004

Bank Mellat, Central Branch Rasht, 1372381676

Bank Sepah, Current Account, Central Branch, 12800132407

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