Mission and Vision

Future Targets and Plans of the Centre (project under construction procedure):

Objective of the construction of the Project is providing space required for developing of giving services of theSanitarium, such as craniological specialized clinic, round-the-clock pharmacy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, single suites for special patients, some wards for hospitalizing the patients and so on. Infrastructure is about 6,000.00 sq. metres in four floors and regarding to the treatment importance, price of construction has been assessed in the sum of 6 billion Toumans. Objective of inauguration is giving more services to the patients and inauguration of specialized clinics.


Providing the Credit for the Project under Construction Procedure:

Providing the different expenses of the patients, such as individual and environmental hygiene, preparing the medicines and treatment, preparing the clothes, providing suitable spaces in different seasons of the year, providing individual and environmental hygiene.

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