Visit the managing director of Anzali Free Zone

Visit Mr. Masroor CEO Anzali Free Zone Saghaei engineer with the Department of Anzali Free Zone delegation of disabled Vsalmndan City Hospice (Charity )

Coincided with Arbaeen Hosseini and on the first night of winter ( solstice ) Mr. Masroor director of Anzali Free Zone Saghaei assistant engineer with the Anzali Free Zone delegation of disabled Vsalmndan City Hospice (Charity ) visited severely warm and friendly welcome Haj old CEO of Hospice units and were responsible for the center's clients .


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In a meeting between representatives of the disabled and elderly nursing home Gilan | City, Mr. Norouzi and Hojjati and eCommerce company representative ParsDatamD (Cheraghi.Meysam), Website Design and Web Hosting Support the Disabled and Elderly Hospice group hosting Rasht uptime is buried.

Further news of the execution of work and the official opening date will be announced later Rasht website hospice disabled and elderly ...

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