Ghaem Specialized Centre

Ghaem Specialized Centre

Ghaem Myeloid Damage Specialized Centre affiliated toRasht Disabled and Elderlies Sanitarium (Charity Centre) was opened and inaugurated under supervision of Welfare Organization as the first centre all around the country with 50 persons capacity in the year 1386 (2007) in order to rehabilitation and treatment of myeloid damage acute patients. Currently, specialists in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, occupational therapist and psychologists are giving services at this Centre.


Patients suffering from myeloid damage refer to Welfare Organization after discharge from Hospital and refer to this Centre after reception process and filling their files and after reexamination and reassessment; they fill a medical and rehabilitation file and are hospitalized. Hospitalization duration at this Centre is maximum 6 months. It is necessary to mention that currently, the number of 30 patients receive rehabilitation services of this Centre as visit at home.


Number of the Centre’s Personnel: physicians in three shifts, physiotherapist with 3 assistants, two occupational therapists and assistant, three nurses and 6 serving employees

Required Equipment and Deficits at the Centre:


Physiotherapy Equipment: such as Stimulator Set, Quadriceps Chair, Lifgter, Form

 and appurtenances.


Occupational Therapy Equipment: Roll – Wedge – Balance Beam – Tilt Board – Hand Exerciser – Tilt Table.

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آخرین بروز رسانی سایت رسمی آسایشگاه معلولین و سالمندان رشت در دوشنبه ششم فروردین 1397 صورت گرفته است. (کاری از گروه تجارت الکترونیک پارس داتام)