History of the Centre

History of the Centre: Rasht Disabled and Elderlies Sanitarium (Charity) commenced its activity through struggle of some sincere and humanitarians such as Ayatollah Ziabari, Dr. Hakimzadeh, Arson Mina Sian, Esteghamat and Chinichain in a space with area: 17,000.00 square metres in the year 1345 (1966) at Soleimandarab (Rasht) in order to keep and give refuge to injured and deprived people of the society, such as elders and disabled people, at first through reception of 20 persons, and today is honoured to support 550 persons of the most needful class of people in round-the-clock aspect.

Rasht Disabled and Elderlies Sanitarium (Charity) is a non-profit and merciful institution which is legal entity and is managed under supervision of a board of trustees, board of directors and managing director, and has been registered under No.: 76.

Manner of Sanitarium Management: This Centre is managed through supervision of 30 local famous and influential directors and reliable persons as the board of trustees, and 9 persons of the board of directors who the most senior executive position, Representative of Leadership Honorable Position in Guilan Province is Hazrat Ayatollah Ghorbani. 

Manner of Reception: reception is performed through filling a file at Welfare Organization and presentation of invitation letter to Sanitarium and the main condition for reception of the Patients, are old age, lack of bodily, motive and myeloid ability, disability of family in keeping them. 

Number of the current Patients: 550 Patients (elders and myeloid damage disabled and children).

The patients keeping wards: Men 1, 2 and 3 Wards, Women 1, 2 and 3 Wards, Children and Adolescences Ward and Myeloid Damage Ward.

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Professor Barzigar, Professor of Cardiology Department of University of Medical Sciences.

Managing Director: Haj Agha AyoubGhadimi

Number of Personnel: 270 persons

Active Units of the Centre:

Financial-Administrational Deputyship

Nursing Section

Azzahra Clinic

Ghaem Myeloid Damage Specialized Centre

Physiography Section




Unit for Attraction of People Partnership

Cultural and Informatics Unit

Acceptance and Social Work Unit

Legal Unit

Public Relations

Financial and Accounting Unit

Administrational (Employment Office) Affairs

Secretariat Unit


Transportation Unit

Warehouse and Logistics


Tailoring Unit

Installations Unit

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آخرین بروز رسانی سایت رسمی آسایشگاه معلولین و سالمندان رشت در دوشنبه بیست و نهم مرداد 1397 صورت گرفته است. (کاری از گروه تجارت الکترونیک پارس داتام)